Velosian society is split between those who rule and those who serve. There are some within the nobility who treat the lower classes with respect but many who do not. Local lords own the lives of any who live on their lands and sometimes this can lead to reckless indulgences of human nature. Despite the vast divide in lifestyle the Velosian system is truly efficient. The Velosian nobility firmly believe that their lands are theirs by divine right and the lands occupied by the Tir ‘Vel were stolen from their ancestors, hence the long and bitter war between the two families. The Velosian landscape is largely used for arable farming and substantial structures are kept to a minimum due to the few opportunities for mining. The situation is reversed for their neighbours the Tir ‘Vel and although trade would seem the obvious solution war and raiding are too commonplace to allow any level of trust to develop. Their livery is black and green, and their emblem is an oak leaf. The Velosian capital is Black Rock.

House Belsinn

The Belsinnian’s are instantly recognisable by their rugged appearance. As a show of masculinity Belsinnian males grow their beards as long as possible, and their women are heavily pierced.  The colder climate of their homeland instils in them a resolute nature that other races find closed or brash. In fact it is the nature of Belsinnian’s to be caring lovers and very personable, yet their lack of artisans and generally simple life makes them appear barbaric and uncultured to others. Their existence in the tough mountainous conditions leads all Belsinnians to have a healthy respect for nature, as reflected in their House words. They are not naturally a warmongering people but if wronged they will hold a grudge until it is fulfilled. Although they place less emphasis on military training than many other Houses, Belsinnian men are more than capable in battle and their hardened resolve makes them a difficult foe to break. They seldom sport liveries, favouring hides, though sometimes they will bathe in a red dye before battle - the product of a flower that only grows at high altitude in their mountainous domain. Their emblem is a hammer – their favoured weapon. The Belsinnian capital is High Haven.

House Nerum

House Torion

House Velos

House Tir 'Vel

To be a Tir ‘Vel, Tir-Visilarvel in full, is to be at war. The constant struggle between themselves and House Velos has raged for many years yet their proximity to the other Houses’ lands causes them to be the target of attacks from all directions. Luckily for them they occupy the richest area of mines and minerals in the known world so they can build all their settlements robustly. To ensure survival in such a precarious position the high born place a lot of trust in the common men and women of their society, allowing them many freedoms and privileges that other Houses would be quick to scorn. They place high emphasis on duty and honour, as their House words suggest, and by working together with all levels of society they are able to produce awe-inspiring structures, as symbolised by their emblem. They are stern defenders of their lands and their numerous keeps and castles are by far the largest an opposing army will have to face. Their livery is yellow and black and their emblem is a bee. The Tir ‘Velum capital is Vis.

The Torsian people hold lands around the rough desert land of the world. They are renowned for their efficiency in the tough environment around them for they thrive in the conditions. In recent years their laboured existence has been eased by the discovery of rich gold veins in their territory. This has ushered a new age of prosperity for the Torsian nobility who can now enjoy privileges they could not have imagined previously. House Torion even altered their House words recently to reflect their change in status. This injection of wealth has caused a rift between the classes, many of whom still suffer as if nothing has changed. Despite their differences, Torsians build great structures and field strong armies. Their strength in combat lies in their athleticism. They compete regularly in great events of sporting prowess to hone their abilities on the battlefield. Their culture revolves around male supremacy and to date no woman has ever held a position of power. Their livery is beige with red trim, and their emblem is a chevron. The Torsian capital is Zandretta.

The Nerumite people are obsessed with death. Whether they obsess over their own fate or that of their enemies’ their lives revolve around the act of dying. Through constant study and appreciation they do not fear death, though that does not mean they are eager to seek it. Graveyards and burial mounds are treated with the utmost respect and will always have numerous areas for seating and contemplation. Every high born family home will have an extensive ossuary or crypt and Nerumites are taught from a young age to memorise their lines of heritage and the names of their ancestors. After a battle there will be a week of feasting in honour of those who have taken the long journey down the dark road. Through this dedicated study they have amassed a wealth of medicinal techniques. Their priests and doctors are one and the same, and are sought after by all races in times of need as the greatest healers in the land. Their liveries are purest white and their emblem a skull. The Nerumian capital is New Nerum.

"All will become earth"
"Velos will rule"
"In death we trust"
"In the path of duty"
"Gold and glory"
Background Art: Low Dent Whispers  by Emily Marsh