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Background Art: Dirty Trick by Fabio Rodrigues


Regicide is set in a dark medieval world not unlike our own in days gone by; peasants till the land for local lords, levies and militias patrol uncertain borders, and intrigue and treachery are often the weapons of choice. 

The assassination of King Haraldr the Benevolent brought a dynasty that had stood for over a century to a bloody halt. In that one instant the future of the Kingdom was thrown into doubt. A land that had once been united under one ruler stood on the brink of collapse and descent into chaos. Claims to the throne were rebuked, accusations over the assassination were voiced, and trust and loyalty became uncommon words. 

In the 10 years that have passed since that day the world has become increasingly factious as the noble families jockey for power. Ancient family strongholds have become the only points of refuge as allegiances were broken in great numbers. Shifting borders are now carved up on the battlefield as the common man bleeds for a cause he will never truly understand or see completed. 

There are those with titles that have let power and passion consume their thoughts, whether their intentions are of revenge or piety, bloodlust is in their nature. Yet there are also those who strive to uphold the ideals of the old Kingdom: justice, peace, and kinship. However, family grudges, old birthrights, and prejudices weigh heavily on all but the most even tempered shoulders and can challenge one’s noblest ideals and motives. 

There is no predictable future for this land. There is no certainty that a noble name will grant you safe passage and a warm bed. There is no reward for morality. But there is one thing that remains; opportunity. This is the time to fight for your family. This is the time to fight for your beliefs. This is the time to fight for your chance of a better life. Welcome to the war-torn world of Regicide.

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